Louis Vuitton and Lego

As part of the team of Triangle Productions Ltd. I contributed to build a window display for a Louis Vuitton shop in Dublin. For Lego’s 90th birthday, Lego collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create the same Christmas shop window displays all over the world. My colleague Rapphaele MuraHacca worked on the trees, while I focused on the back panels. To give you an idea: 56 panels x 137 blocks per panel =7.672 Lego blocks. We also made 4 Lego mountains for items to be displayed on. We lost count on those… I could have never imagined as a kid that one day this would be my actual job! A dream came true!

Thank you Triangle for giving me this opportunity and for keeping my brain young and creative over the past years! And thank you LEGO, you are the best of toys!

Location: Brown Thomas, Dublin, Ireland

Client: Triangle Productions

Raffaele at work on the Xmas trees, follow him on Instagram.

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