Into the Woods

As part of the team of Triangle Productions Ltd. I contributed to build the set of a show called Into The Woods, an opera piece in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

I am proud to have taken part in this project.

Location: Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Client: Triangle Productions

Construction at Triangle Productions’ workshop.

Individual hooks for the trees to slide on to.

Painted Tree trunks.

Unloading and Fit-up at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

The sheer size of the construction was staggering.

Dropping the second arch in position. (GIF)

Two layers finished. 1 to go.

Added props.

Photographed by:
Nisei Kobayashi (Triangle Productions Ltd)

Photographed by:
Stefan Hill (1&2) / Phillip Magowan @ Press Eye (3)

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