Coffee with Safieh Mazzari

After a few hours of walking through Vienna, my eyes got attracted by a small passage in the sixth district. Curiously I entered and found myself in a small square, surrounded by five-storey buildings.

A few beach chairs in front of a small shack invited us to settle for some rest. Once closer, we noticed that this shop was all about organic food and drinks. My girlfriend and I selected a nicecream, a cold coffee and a juice from the menu, we settled down and enjoyed a moment of quietness, away from the busy Mariahilferstrasse shopping street. The banana nicecream (nicecream is guilt free, sugar free, dairy free, vegan icecream) tasted delicious. In the meantime, Safieh caught my eye. She was walking out of the shack, in her beautiful and colorful dress with matching earrings, her amazing eyes glowing in the sun-rays and a fancy looking coffee with a straw in her left hand. I felt that I had to take a few pictures. I kindly asked if I could snap some. She readily agreed and posed as a true model.



The “Superfood Deli” is vienna’s first ORGANIC açaí, smoothie and nice cream bowl shack, serving 100% natural, fresh, raw, vegan & sustainable food & drinks.

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